Lizzo surprises fan with designer dress following viral TikTok request

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Lizzo has sent a fan a gorgeous gown following a viral TikTok request.

Last month, writer Aurielle Marie posted a video to the platform begging the Juice hitmaker to let her borrow the red tulle Giambattista Valli gown she wore to the 2022 Emmy Awards in September.

Aurielle insisted she had nothing to wear to the Out magazine's upcoming Out100 Gala and was considering staying at home.

"I know you know how it feels to be the biggest b**ch in a room, and all of the scrutiny and hyper-visibility that comes along with that because I've watched you talk about it," she said. "I know you a girl for the girls, and I'm a girl and a girl, and I just need to know. I gotta ask. Can I please, please, please wear your dress from the 2022 Emmys?"

The clip quickly went viral, racking up over 500,000 views.

On Tuesday, Aurielle returned to TikTok to share that Lizzo had sent her a dress similar to the one she sported at the Emmys - a dark red Dauxilly gown with a layered tulle skirt that she chose for the 2019 American Music Awards.

"I might've gotten a few tears on your dress @lizzo, my bad babe!" the 28-year-old wrote in the caption. "Words don't suffice, and thank you isn't enough. But THANK YOU! I'm speechless. Y'all! A b**ch is certified LIZZO SIZED!!!!!! And LOOK AT THIS GOWN! @Out Magazine here i come (sic)!"