Lizzo 'selling a feeling' with Yitty

Lizzo loves her Yitty range credit:Bang Showbiz
Lizzo loves her Yitty range credit:Bang Showbiz

Lizzo is "selling a feeling" with Yitty.

The 'Good Is Hell' hitmaker - who co-founded the shapewear, activewear and loungewear business in March last year - doesn't want to "force" people into buying from her range but she wants them to have a satisfactory shopping experience, which will stem from the work the brand have done on inclusivity.

Asked if she thinks the body positive movement is authentic or performative, she said: “I think, like, everyone should ask themselves, ‘How is my shopping experience? How’s my shopping experience been?’

“In my lifetime, it doesn’t matter what your body type is like, I’ve heard people always struggle to find something that they like that fits them, you know? So, I don’t know. I can’t answer that question for you.

"I know what Yitty is doing. And we’re doing the work to be inclusive. And not just for the sake of being inclusive but just because we want to. Just because we can. And I think that speaks volumes.

“It’s not just selling an item, but, like, selling a feeling.

"I don’t ever want to force people to purchase something. And I think I’ve been in the same boat. Which is why I started a brand that is just like, on your own terms."

The 34-year-old singer admitted part of her motivation behind Yitty was to make garments she could wear herself.

She told WWD: “Yitty is, like, basically a dream in the making. I feel like I, you know, always had to make my own way in the fashion world. Always had to have just like people make outfits for me, cuz, I fit a lot of the clothes.

"And I have a lot of ideas that I want to execute that, you know, just simply didn’t exist. So when Yitty started, it was more so of, like, I need to make something for myself. I need to like…I want to make a product that I can wear and that I can be comfortable in, starting with shapewear.”

Yitty has just added a Smoothed Reality range of underwear and Lizzo admitted she's always wearing her own products.

She said: “I’ve been wearing it for a while now, because, you know, lucky me, I get to wear all the prototypes and stuff.

“I’m wearing Yitty, like, every day on tour. It’s wild. I don’t even have to, like, pack anything anymore because I just, like, throw Yitty [in a suitcase]. I wear my Yitty shapewear on stage. I have my Yitty bodysuits that I wear in the first half of the show. After the show, I’m in, like, Pet Me by Yitty. I’m in my Major Label when I work out. Like, I’m just in the Yitty-verse, fully.”