Lizzo just posted her dance cardio workout, and she looks good

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Photo credit: Lizzo / Instagram
Photo credit: Lizzo / Instagram

Lizzo has done the impossible by making working out fun after she shared her go-to dance routine.

In a series of Instagram Stories videos, Lizzo and her friend Chawnta Marie shared some dance movements that seem to be led by Shaun T, creator of the Insanity workouts.

“Hey! C’mon! Wax for your life!” you can hear Shaun say in the background of a driving beat as Lizzo totally goes for it. “You’re powerful,” he says at one point, as she smiles, clearly having fun.

On over to the next series of videos, and you can see Lizzo doing battle ropes while being coached by her trainer Marcus Ely. She then moves into a plank, pumping up the mood with a “Let’s go,” while she switches. And then it’s back to the battle ropes.

The next Story is a shot of a grinning Lizzo and Marie, next to the words, “Strength.” It all ends with a video of Lizzo doing reverse squats and one-armed rows.

Lizzo has made it very clear that fitness is important to her. She’s done a ton of Instagram and TikTok posts that show her doing full-body workouts that ramp up her heart rate, riding a stationary bike, and jumping rope. Back in February, she also shared a video of herself running on a treadmill while singing “Cuz I Love You,” because she saw Miley Cyrus do something similar.

And she shared another workout video last week, featuring an incredible post-workout body-positive chat about “peep this progress” and “happy sweat.”

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