Lizzo just played basketball with an actual designer bag

Natasha Harding
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Photo credit: @lizzobeeating - Instagram
Photo credit: @lizzobeeating - Instagram

As you've likely heard multiple times this week, spring has well and truly sprung and, in addition to ushering in more outdoor activities, the season also brings with it a load of brand spanking new fashion trends we wanna take out for a spin. From wrap-around straps to wide-leg jeans, there's no shortage of ways to update your wardrobe for going out again. And Lizzo's just gone and shared how she's wearing one of this season's edgiest trends: the mesh top.

Lizzo just shared pics, taken by makeup artist Alexx Mayo (@iwantalexx), of her latest look on Instagram, with the artist crediting fellow singer Doja Cat for the 'fit.

Captioned "First I wanna thank @dojacat for the fit.... and jimmy choo for the bag", the post features Lizzo posing up a storm wearing a green and black sheer set with a tie-dye design, layered over a white mini skirt. To use her own words, Lizzo looks good as hell.

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Accessories-wise, Lizzo finished the lewk with a pair of white strappy mules, hoop earrings and a jewel-encrusted Jimmy Choo bag, which she later used to shoot hoops with.

Yep, you read that right: Lizzo played basketball with a Jimmy Choo bag. Don't believe us? Check out the footage here:

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"Don鈥檛 tell jimmy choo I was doin lay-ups w/ his bag 馃か" wrote Lizzo. Yeah.... can't relate.

I have precisely zero idea why Lizzo decided to use a designer bag like a basketball but, er, posting a vid of it on Insta ain't the best way to keep it a secret.

Anyway, it looks no harm came to said bag as the singer managed to catch it (phew!). To be fair, that's one way to get me more engaged with the sport - I'd be on the edge of my seat the whole time if spenny bags were in play.

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