Lizzie off MAFSA had a mindblowing brunette transformation after the show

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Photo credit: @MAFS / Married At First Sight Australia
Photo credit: @MAFS / Married At First Sight Australia

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I don't know about you, but if there's one character on the utterly addictive Married At First Sight Australia I found myself rooting for most, it was Elizabeth Sobinoff.

And I'm gonna add a disclaimer right now: if you're on episode one and you're just here for the transformation, scroll down now.

Spoilers below...

A total beauty enthusiast, Lizzie entered the show with a super high-glam look (we're talking dagger-like eyeliner flicks, matte liquid lipstick and mega-long blonde extensions). And, in part due to a simple lack of mutual spark, but also due to a bit of glam-shaming, Lizzie wasn't treated entirely fairly... particularly by Sam Ball, who she was paired up with for the experiment.

Long story short, Elizabeth's new husband Sam had an affair with another contestant, Ines Bašić. We were left heartbroken to see Lizzie's feelings get caught up in the wild levels of drama that ensued, and though she came out of the show with most of Australia and the UK on her side, it can't have been easy to go through.

Which is why it's so great to see Lizzie t-h-r-i-v-i-n-g on on Instagram right now. She's tried out a new hair colour since the appearing on the show, which first aired in Australia in 2019.

Lizzie looked gorgeous blonde too, but the phrase "wash that man right outta my hair" really comes into its own here) - and the brunette transformation she opted for really suits her skin tone beautifully.

She's also trying a whole new makeup style. Again - those eyeliner flicks were absolutely badass and that woman needs to drop her long-wearing lipstick recommendations ASAP, but it's also lovely to see Lizzie leaning into the more 'undone' look too.

Anyone else think she's channelling Ariana Grande meets Khloe Kardashian, kinda?

Alexa, play Irreplaceable by Beyoncé.

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