Could You Live Without Your Beauty Bag?

Could You Live Without Your Beauty Bag?

Ok, we admit it: we’re more than a little obsessed with our beauty bags here at HQ. And we’re not the only ones. In fact - like us - almost half of U.S. women have said they’re not so hot on their faces when they’re wearing no make-up on at all. Whether it’s full on Essex-style war-paint or just a natural blush, the Renfrew Centre Foundation found that out of 1,292 women surveyed, a whopping 44 per cent said they feel negative about themselves when they are bare faced. Wowza.

And that’s not all – a further 16 per cent said they don’t feel attractive au naturel, 14 per cent said they felt ‘naked’, and another 14 per cent said they felt self-conscious without delving into their make-up bags before facing the world.

Not surprising since the survey also revealed a quarter of us have been perfecting our looks since we were 13 – and now we’re using our fav, cannot-live-without beauty products (hello, YSL Touch Éclat) as a security blanket that conceals our negative feelings and boosts confidence.

Yep, 48 per cent of women said that they preferred the way they looked when they were wearing make-up (shocking, we know). But experts are worried that our addiction to make up could lead to more serious problems.

Adrienne Ressler from the Renfrew Center Foundation said that while make-up is 'often a right [sic] of passage for young women'. She said that our dependence on make-up could even ‘set the stage for addictions or patterns of disordered eating to develop.' Scary stuff.

Now, the Foundation has launched a Bare-faced and Beautiful, Without and Within campaign, to tackle eating disorders through education – and, of course, encourage us to show off our morning faces (check out the girls on on and ditch the bulging beauty bag. (Again, terrifying.)

So, what are your beauty essentials? And could you live without them? Let us know below.

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