“Little People, Big World” Trailer: Amy and Matt Butt Heads and His Engagement Creates Family Tension (Exclusive)

“Little People, Big World” Trailer: Amy and Matt Butt Heads and His Engagement Creates Family Tension (Exclusive)

Despite Matt's hope for reconciling and spending time with his grandchildren, Zach confessed that the "ship [has] all sailed" in PEOPLE's exclusive first look into season 25

Little People, Big World returns for a new season and the Roloff family must navigate the changes in their lives.

In PEOPLE's exclusive first look into season 25, the trailer begins with wild but adorable scenes of Zach and Tori Roloff's children running amok. Between dodging giraffe tongues, driving toy tractors and surprising mommy with foliage that looks like a snake, Zach admits that "having three kids right now is kind of hectic."

"It's very go, go go. There's lots of energy. It's just not very peaceful," he smiles in a confessional.

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<p>TLC</p> Tori Roloff with her kids


Tori Roloff with her kids

Amy Roloff, on the other hand, feels her own share of stress when she attempts to plan a fundraiser alongside her husband Chris Marek, and her ex-husband Matt Roloff and his fiancée Caryn Chandler.

When a friend warns her that Matt will "want to be in charge" of the affair, Amy declares, "I'm running the show" and tells cameras, "We'll do it my way." Things eventually go haywire for the exes when Amy is unwilling to compromise on her vision for the event.

Matt claims that Amy can go from "micromanager to dictator quicker than me" before telling cameras in a joint confessional that she isn't "known for being apologetic."

Elsewhere in the teaser, Matt and Caryn share the happy news of their engagement with producers over shots of the romantic proposal. Though they confess to feeling anxious about how their family members will take the news, Matt wonders if Amy will be "awkward" or "okay" with their engagement.

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<p>TLC</p> Caryn and Matt Roloff


Caryn and Matt Roloff

As Amy asks to see the ring on Caryn's finger, Matt braces for her reaction.

Turns out Amy isn't the only one Matt should be wary of when it comes to the news of his upcoming nuptials.

In his own confessional, Zach refuses to share his thoughts about the happy couple's plans to get married. Matt and Caryn give viewers more insight into their relationship with Zach and Tori when they admit they don't see the couple very often.

"I'm not used to being cut off," Caryn explains after Matt reveals his suspicions about Zach and Tori's potential pact to stay away from the farm.

<p>TLC</p> Amy Roloff


Amy Roloff

As Amy wonders how long their relationship with him can remain "broken," Zach tells cameras that "the family wasn't put first on multiple occasions [so] that ship all sailed."

"My job as a grandpa is to love my grandkids and that's the sad part, you never get all that time back," Matt reflects.

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Later, the trailer reveals Zach's emergency trip to the hospital. (The reality star underwent an emergency shunt revision in February 2023.) As he leans over his hospital bed, Tori shares that she's "never seen Zach in that much pain," adding how he cried and feared he was "dying."

"Any time a surgeon needs to cut you open, I never consider that minor," Amy tells cameras of Zach's condition while Tori adds, "We've been sitting on a knife's edge, and we just didn't know it."

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Season 25 of Little People, Big World premieres Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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