Little Moons Mochi Ice Cream Now Comes In A New Flavour For Summer

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Photo credit: Little Moons - Getty Images
Photo credit: Little Moons - Getty Images

The UK is facing a heatwave, with scorching temperatures this week reaching highs of 33ºC (crazy, we know) leaving us dreaming of all the possible ways to keep cool. Sure — a water fight is one option, as is a jug of our favourite rosé sangria — but what about a snackable, frozen treat flavoured with iced coffee?

Well, you're in luck! Because signature mochi ice cream brand, Little Moons, has just dropped its latest flavour, and it's exactly that.

Say hello to Little Moons Iced Latte Coffee Mochi Ice Cream.

Available exclusively via Ocado for £5 per six-pack, we can't help but think about making the craziest ice cream (mochi) float with these. Who's with us?

According to The Grocer, Little Moons co-founder, Howard Wong, said the brand was "dedicated to our mission of shaking up the ice cream category with a snackable treat that can be enjoyed throughout the day," and went on to explain that the new flavour would "challenge those more conventional coffee moments, providing a caffeine hit and a little lift in one bite-sized ball of delicious snackable ice cream mochi."

We have to admit one thing though, Little Moons is of course not the first to come out with a coffee-infused, delectable, iced treat.

A few months ago we actually spotted a cracking tub of iced coffee ice cream, from Sainsbury's. That's right! The supermarket has recently introduced a coffee-flavoured frozen treat, made using only the finest thick West Country cream to create a luxuriously smooth and velvety texture.

Flavoured with Colombian coffee and rippled with a rich coffee sauce, you can get your hands on this tub of deliciousness for only £2.50. But be warned, it's only available for a limited period of time, so now is the exact time to stock up the freezer.

Photo credit: Sainsbury's
Photo credit: Sainsbury's

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