What links Jessica Lange, Naomi Watts and Fay Wray? The Weekend quiz

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<span>Photograph: FilmMagic</span>
Photograph: FilmMagic

The questions

1 What was first published in Dutch as Het Achterhuis in 1947?
2 Which town is named after a martyred king of the East Angles?
3 Why is bacterium ideonella sakaiensis a hope for the environment?
4 Which band has had No 1 albums across six decades?
5 What is London’s only registered battlefield site?
6 An epithalamium is written in honour of what?
7 Who claims to be “the greatest player ever to throw a dart”?
8 What has been memorised by a hafiz(a)?
What links:
Forefinger; backbone; tube attached to the large intestine?
10 Marguerite Yourcenar; Robert Graves; Robert Harris?
11 1772; 1793; 1795; 1939?
12 Naomi Watts; Jessica Lange; Fay Wray?
13 Ipswich Witches; Belle Vue Aces; King’s Lynn Stars?
14 Mingrelian; Avar; Bats; Chechen; Ingush?
15 Water (1); sun (2); stone (3); beryl (4)?

Bat out of India.
Bat out of India. Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Anne Frank’s diary (The Secret Annexe).
2 Bury St Edmunds.
3 It “eats” PET plastics.
4 Rolling Stones.
5 Barnet (1471).
6 Wedding (song or poem).
7 Phil Taylor (on his official website).
8 Qur’an.
9 Parts of the body in books: index (finger); spine; appendix.
10 Wrote fictionalised Roman memoirs: Memoirs of Hadrian; I, Claudius; Cicero trilogy (narrated by Tiro).
11 Poland disappearing from the map: three 18th-century partitions and German-Soviet division.
12 Played “love interest” of Kong.
13 Speedway teams.
14 Caucasian languages.
15 Name origins of first four elements: hydrogen; helium; lithium; beryllium.

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