What links grape harvest, mist, frost, snowy, rainy, windy (and six others)? The Weekend quiz

A worker harvests grapes at the La Motte wine farm in Franschhoek near Cape Town
Photograph: Mike Hutchings/Reuters

The questions

1 Which novel begins with a decapitation by tram at Patriarch’s Ponds?
2 What bird is named from the Old Norse for foul gull?
3 What takes place at a Japanese onsen?
4 Who is the chief operating officer of Facebook?
5 Which socialist society is named after a Roman general?
6 Which vet’s practice was at 23 Kirkgate in Thirsk, North Yorkshire?
7 Mount Arafat is a sacred hill outside what city?
8 What term did Ian Nairn coin for drab suburban sprawl?
What links:
9 Lady Sings The Blues; Miles Ahead; Bessie; Bird?
10 Oder; Vistula; Neman; Daugava; Neva?
11 Granada palace; capital at Denver; Louisiana capital; broke from Ethiopia?
12 Cleopatra; Margaret Thatcher; Beyoncé; Angelina Jolie; Julia Roberts?
13 Trufflehunter; the lendri; Bill; Brock; Shadow?
14 Grape harvest; mist; frost; snowy; rainy; windy (and six others)?
15 Ethelred the Unready; Henry VI; Edward IV?

Late prime minister Margaret Thatcher waving to delegates at the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton, England, Oct. 14, 1988
Hand down unless you know the answer, Margaret Thatcher. Photograph: Dave Caulkin/AP

The answers

1 Bulgakov’s The Master And Margarita.
2 Fulmar.
3 Bathing.
4 Sheryl Sandberg.
5 Fabian Society.
6 James Alfred Wight (James Herriot).
7 Mecca.
8 Subtopia.
9 Jazz/blues biopics: Billie Holiday; Miles Davis; Bessie Smith; Charlie Parker.
10 Rivers flowing into the Baltic.
11 Place names from ‘red’: Alhambra, Arabic; Colorado, Spanish; Baton Rouge, French; Eritrea, Greek.
12 Had twins.
13 Fictional badgers: Prince Caspian; Watership Down; Rupert Bear; Sam Pig; Farthing Wood.
14 French republican calendar month name derivations: Vendémiaire; Brumaire etc.
15 English kings with two reigns.