What links Easy Rider and 12 Angry Men? The Saturday quiz

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<span>Photograph: Allstar Picture Library Limited/Alamy</span>
Photograph: Allstar Picture Library Limited/Alamy

The questions

1 Who wrote thrillers on a gold-plated typewriter?
2 What is the largest species of turtle?
3 Under what name was Margaret Anderson the first black female DJ on Radio 1?
4 75% of whose paintings are in a 2023 Amsterdam exhibition?
5 What are the two provinces of the Church of England?
6 Which sporting group is overseen by the PGMOL?
7 What varnish is named after its country of origin?
8 Which encyclopedia was launched by Microsoft in 1993?
What links:
Jerez de la Frontera; Sanlúcar de Barrameda; El Puerto de Santa María?
10 Indus script; Rongorongo (Easter Island); Linear A; Danube script?
11 North Carolina’s biggest city; male chicken; wrote The Four Seasons; died 1307?
12 12 Angry Men; Klute and Easy Rider; Single White Female?
13 Cool; free; fusion; hard bop; modal?
14 Nixon; Goldwater; Humphrey; McGovern; Ford?
15 Lucilinburhuc Castle; Belgae people; low countries?

The answers

1 Ian Fleming.
2 Leatherback.
3 The Ranking Miss P.
4 Vermeer (28 of 37 known paintings).
5 Canterbury and York.
6 Football referees (Professional Game Match Officials Limited).
7 Japan.
8 Encarta.
9 Towns making up Spain’s “sherry triangle”.
10 Undeciphered writing systems.
11 Potato varieties: Charlotte; Rooster; Vivaldi; King Edward (I).
12 Fonda acting dynasty: starring Henry; children Jane and Peter; granddaughter Bridget.
13 Jazz genres.
14 Losing US presidential candidates (1960 to 1976).
15 Origins of the names of the Benelux countries: Luxembourg; Belgium; the Netherlands.