What links the Angel of the North with the FA Cup? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 Which novel “cannot take the place of JR Miller’s Practical Gamekeeping”?
2 Which UK archipelago was evacuated in 1930?
3 What were choreographed by Flick Colby?
4 Which government department is named after a chessboard cloth?
5 Who took the Tennis Court Oath?
6 What type of animal is a krait?
7 What did Churchill’s maxim KBO stand for?
8 Who were Leonard, Adolph, Julius, Milton and Herbert?
What links:
Cleaning The Mirror; Spirit Cooking; Seven Easy Pieces; The Artist Is Present?
10 Manx Loaghtan; Soay; Greyface Dartmoor; Bluefaced Leicester?
11 Montevideo; Rome; Paris; Rio; Bern; Stockholm?
12 Max von Sydow; Robert Powell; Willem Dafoe; Jim Caviezel?
13 Bora; bise; buran; brickfielder?
14 Queen Elizabeth; Daring; Duke and City; Sandown?
15 Van Dyck painting; JFK’s jacket; Angel of the North maquette; FA Cup?

Head shot of actor Willem Dafoe, September 2019
Willem Dafoe: so what do you know? Photograph: Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

The answers

1 Lady Chatterley’s Lover (according to a review in Field & Stream magazine).
2 St Kilda.
3 Top Of The Pops dance routines (Pan’s People, Legs & Co et al).
4 The Exchequer (used for medieval accounts).
5 Members of the French Third Estate in 1789.
6 Snake.
7 Keep buggering on.
8 Marx Brothers (original first names).
9 Works by performance artist Marina Abramović.
10 Native sheep breeds.
11 Locations for the first six Fifa World Cup finals (1930-58).
12 Played Jesus on screen: The Greatest Story Ever Told; Jesus Of Nazareth; The Last Temptation Of Christ; The Passion Of The Christ.
13 Names of winds: Adriatic; Switzerland; Russia; Australia.
14 Classes of Royal Navy vessel: aircraft carrier; destroyer; frigate; minehunter.
15 Major finds on Antiques Roadshow.