Line Of Duty star predicts Steve Arnott will be killed off

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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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Steve Arnott fans aren't going to be happy with the latest bit of Line Of Duty goss: Craig Parkinson, who played Dot Cotton, predicts the AC-12 officer is going to be killed off in series six. Say it ain't so.

We're already two episodes into the latest episode of the BBC drama, and basically have no idea what's going on. Do Joanne Davidson and John Corbett know each other? Is 'H' related to a name? Is Kate Fleming bent?

And one more theory that's just been thrown into the mix by an ex Line Of Duty star is that Steve Arnott, played by Martin Compston, might not live to see the end of the series. Eek.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Discussing the show's 'lies cost lives' tagline, Craig Parkinson said on the show's Obsessed With... podcast, "Already, it's scaring me. I feel something tragic is gonna happen to some character that we love. What the hell are we gonna do if something happens to Kate, Steve or Ted?"

Speaking about which main character he thinks it might be, Craig added, "See, do you know who I think might be heading for the chop, so to speak? He's broke. He's a broken Steve…

"You look at John Corbett's widow's face when she opens that glovebox with all those pills... [she was] visibly shocked."

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Craig is referring to Steve's seeming reliance on painkillers, after he hurt his back in an earlier series. The actor's stint on Line of Duty came to an end in series three, when he was unmasked as 'The Caddy' and was fatally shot after his work as a fixer for an OCG came to light.

Could he be on to something?

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