Line Of Duty’s Martin Compston teases “big answers” in the finale

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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

The final episode of Line Of Duty is only a couple of days away (Sunday 2 May), and after a chaotic few weeks of sussing out bent coppers, many fan theories, decoding all the police lingo, and iconic Ted Hastings one-liners, we’ll be sad to see it end.

Line Of Duty fans have got their suspicious faces on, and have been speculating about each and every character who might have OCG links, from Chris Lomax, to Patricia Carmichael. Fans have waited so long to finally find out the identity of The Fourth Man aka 'H', so they can't end the series on a cliffhanger, can they?

Thankfully Martin Compston, who plays DI Steve Arnott in the series, has assured us we’ll get some “big answers” in Sunday night’s season 6 finale. Phew.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Speaking on the latest episode of the Shrine of Duty podcast, he revealed, “There are a lot of pay-offs coming this Sunday. There are a lot of big answers that are coming, and I think it’s deserved. People have stuck with us for such a long time. I think there comes a point where the natural story arc that’s been running all these years is coming to an end.”

Wait, does this mean the AC-12 gang aren't returning for season 7? When quizzed about it, Martin didn't rule out another season: “The genuine answer is we don’t know, but that’s nothing different for us. Jed [Mercurio] always takes time. After a series he always takes a couple of months. I think he likes to take the emotion out of it and sit down and look at all that."

Photo credit: Jed Mercurio - Twitter
Photo credit: Jed Mercurio - Twitter

He continued: "It's different this year, because we have to look it in terms of, do people want us back? 10 years in you start to think of legacy, and if it goes down that well it might be the perfect ending."

Earlier this week, a new theory emerged surrounding the likelihood that the one and only Ted Hastings will meet his untimely end in the season finale, all thanks to one clue in the penultimate episode.

We're desperate for answers, but we don’t want this to be the end. Jed Mercurio, make it happen please.

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