Line Of Duty: Who are Lee Banks and Carl Banks again?

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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

 Is anyone else finding Line Of Duty increasingly confusing the more the show unfolds? First we had to remind ourselves of who Jimmy Lakewell is. Then we had to speculate about why Jo Davidson's DNA match, Tommy Hunter, mattered. 

And now? We need a full 101 in who Lee Banks and Carl Banks are, with Steve Arnott visiting Lee in prison, and discussing his brother Carl - who is a person of interest in the Gail Vella case.

Who is Line Of Duty's Lee Banks?

Lee Banks, who we watched strangle Jimmy Lakewell in front of Ian Buckles during an earlier episode, was interviewed by DI Steve Arnott last night [18 April].

The OCG member who first appeared in Line of Duty in season 5, working alongside Lisa McQueen (who is now also in prison) and Ryan Pilkington (who is now a police officer on Jo Davidson's team) and was part of the raid on a police convoy from Eastfield Police Storage Facility.

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He also led the kidnap of PC Maneet Bindra (played by Maya Sondhi) with Ryan and slit her throat with a knife. When an onlooker watched the murder take place, undercover officer John Corbett (Steven Graham) told Lee to go home, so that he could bribe the passerby. 

As soon as Lee stepped inside the house, Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) arrested him as armed police stormed in. 

Later in the season, though, viewers saw Ted Hastings (played by Adrian Dunbar) visit Lee in jail. Viewers never found out what they discussed, but it was during last night's season six episode that Lee led Steve to believe Hastings told him Corbett was an undercover officer. This eventually led to Corbett's murder. BUT HOW DOES THIS LINK TO THE OCG?

Who is Line Of Duty's Carl Banks?

Another name that keeps coming up is Carl Banks, Lee Banks' brother, who has been a person of interest right since the first episode of season six. 

Though Terry Boyle was arrested on suspicion of the murder of journalist Gail Vella, the CHIS (covert human intelligence source) later revealed that a 'Ross Turner' had boasted he was involved in killing Gail Vella. When the police (directed by DCI Joanne Davidson) raided a flat at 4F Beechwood House, via a stop at the gambling shop, Ross was nowhere to be seen - instead with Terry in the flat.

It's since been suggested that 'Ross Turner' is actually Carl Banks, whose prints were all over the flat. And as DI Steve Arnott explained to Superintendent Ted Hastings, Carl is dangerous news.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

"One initial line of inquiry in Vella was a contract killing," he explained. "According to my informant on the Hill, Operation Lighthouse has detected forensic evidence linking to this suspect, Carl Banks. Carl Banks has an extensive history of violence, including firearms offences, and a long association with organised crime."

During the latest episode [18 April], Steve goaded Lee Banks over is brother's death, which then led Lee to reveal Hastings was potentially involved in John Corbett's death. AGH. 

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