Deck The Balls! Lindt Pick And Mix Is Coming To Sainsbury's This Christmas

The humble pick and mix is well and truly back in vogue – with Swiss chocolatier Lindt the latest chocolate brand to hop on the bandwagon.

This time last year Quality Street pick and mix stalls landed in John Lewis to huge fanfare. Now Lindt has decided to join the party with mix-and-match stands popping up in 67 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide by 2 December.

The move comes after a successful trial in five stores around the country.

For every Lindt fan who has spent too long rustling about in the bottom of the box to pick out their favourite ball, you will be able to choose from milk chocolate, mint, dark chocolate, orange, and strawberry and cream, The Sun reported – though we’re holding out hope for white chocolate, too.

Lindt pick and mix stand (Photo: Sainsbury's)

The prices don’t reflect the pick ‘n’ mix of yesteryear, however, when you could get a bag full of sweets for a couple of quid. Prices for the Lindt boxes start from £3 for eight balls, £5 for 14 balls and a tenner for 28 balls.

You wouldn’t get that in Woolies. But, if you’re not fussed about having multiple flavours, you’re probably better off just getting a standard box of Lindt milk chocolates (50g) for £1 (also in Sainsbury’s).

You can also create a pick and mix box through the Lindt online shop, with prices ranging from £14 for a 400g bag to £45 for a 1.5kg box.


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