Lindsey Vonn Shares Hilarious Outtake From an Afternoon Paddleboard Session With Her Dog

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Paul Morigi/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Lindsey Vonn’s holiday weekend didn’t look exactly like ours. Rather than curating the best cold weather layers that her closet has to offer (like we did), the former professional alpine skier picked out her best swimwear and hit the water off the coast of Miami.

In addition to some relaxing time under the warm Florida sun, the vacation had to include some outdoor adventure, something fans have come to expect of the athlete. For Vonn and her Thanksgiving in Miami, this meant an afternoon paddleboarding session alongside one of her dogs. As it turns out, balancing on a paddleboard becomes that much harder when you have an excited pet by your side.

The Olympic gold medalist took to her Instagram over the weekend to share a hilarious outtake from her session on the water. The clip featured Vonn and her dog balancing atop a standing paddleboard. But when her pet’s ball fell into the water and she jumped in after it, the 39-year-old likewise lost her balance and tumbled into the water.

“I could see this coming… best part is the 2 people on a jet-ski pointing and laughing 😂🤦🏼‍♀️," she wrote in the caption.

Vonn’s fans found it just as funny as she did, making apt jokes in the comment section. “That’s the slowest speed I think she’s ever [wiped out] at… 🤔,” one wrote.

“[S]he was not letting that ball float away!😂,” another said of Vonn’s dog.

Despite the slip, the pair certainly enjoyed themselves—how could they not? We’ll take a holiday by the water any day.

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