Lindsay Lohan reveals 'important' advice Al Pacino once gave her

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Lindsay Lohan has shared the "important" piece of advice Al Pacino once offered her.

During an interview for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, the Mean Girls actress revealed that she has been friends with The Godfather actor ever since they met when she appeared in the play Speed-the-Plow in London back in 2014.

Accordingly, whenever Lohan is about to tackle a new project, she recalls the wisdom Pacino imparted to her during one of their conversations.

"He always says, 'Focus on your craft when it comes to your work,'" she shared. "And I think that's really important. Don't let other outside things blur your vision."

And while Lohan often feels "nervous" about approaching Pacino in public, the pair recently had a humorous encounter at a restaurant in San Francisco.

"All of a sudden, this waiter was bringing our food to a different table, or I thought he was... I was like, 'Oh no, he's taking that to the other table,' and then I realised he was blocking a paparazzi flash," the 36-year-old recalled. "And so, when he came by, I go, 'Oh, thank you so much for doing that.' And he goes, 'Oh. No, I wasn't blocking it for you. Al Pacino's here.'

"I went to say hi. I don't get nervous talking to him on the phone, but I was nervous this time. And I was like, 'Is it okay if we take a picture? We need to photograph this moment.'"