Lily James goes from rich brunette to bombshell blonde

Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images

Another day, another A-list hair transformation. This time it's Lily James confirming that the perennial trend for going blonder in summer is indeed alive and well (despite Nicola Peltz-Beckham, Jessica Alba and Phoebe Dynevor all veering to the dark side, sartorially speaking).

James paid a visit to her trusty hair colourist John MacPherson, based in West London, for the colour change where he took her from "brunette to blonde", as he shared on Instagram:

In place of James' previous warm, chocolatey brown is a multi-tonal soft buttery blonde that has a much more natural feel compared to the blonde wig the actress sported for her role as Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy.

Photo credit:  Erin Simkin
Photo credit: Erin Simkin

We're also stuck by the shine that James' hair has maintained, not just because chemically colouring hair can compromise its condition. Dark hair reflects light whereas blonde hair absorbs it, meaning it's hard to get a healthy, reflective sheen like this whether your blonde is natural or not. However, it appears that MacPherson used a double-pronged approach to maintaining James' hair health during the colour process, given his use of the hashtags #redkenshadeseq and #k18hair.

Redken's Shades EQ is a next-generation hair glossing treatment that is applied professionally in salons. The formula grants healthier looking and feeling hair complete with megawatt shine. The K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask is a home-use treatment that's shot to cult status for its signature K18Peptide™ that restores hair's elasticity and bounce, making it a perfect treatment for bottle blondes.

Just gorgeous!

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