Lily Gladstone Thanks Fans Following Oscars Loss: “Feeling the Love Today”

On Monday evening, Lily Gladstone expressed her gratitude for fans’ support following the 2024 Oscars.

“Feeling the love big time today, especially from Indian Country. Kittō”kuniikaakomimmō”po’waw – seriously, I love you all,” she posted on X (formerly known as Twitter). “(Better believe when I was leaving the Dolby Theater and walked passed the big Oscar statue I gave that golden booty a little Coup tap – Count: one).”

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The Killers of the Flower Moon star, who was up for best actress, was believed to be a frontrunner for the Academy Award. However, it ended up going to Emma Stone for her role in Poor Things.

The Oscar-nominated actress also shared her reaction to watching Scott George and the Osage Singers take the stage. “When watching the Osage Singers at the Oscars, my inner voice said ‘They’re the ones bringing us all up on stage tonight, that’s how it should be,'” she wrote. “The history in the film and of the moment rightfully belong to the Osage Nation. What an honor to be close enough to feel the drum.””

During their performance, Gladstone was seen getting teary-eyed as she witnessed the touching, history-making moment: the first time performers from the Osage Nation have performed at the Oscars. Gladstone’s nomination also was monumental, as she became the first-ever Native American acting nominee.

Back in January, the actress told The Hollywood Reporter how she felt about making history with her nomination. “It’s long overdue. I feel like it’s circumstantial that it’s me because there have been so many immense, incredible performances,” she said. “I stand on the shoulders of some unbelievable talent. Graham Greene and chief Dan George have been nominated for their performances by the Academy. Wes Studi has his honorary Oscar. I think of Tantoo Cardinal’s entire career, and how it’s like she should have been here. Sheila Tousey: there’s no actress alive that surpasses Sheila’s talent.”

It won’t be long till Gladstone’s fans get to see her onscreen again. She stars in Erica Tremblay’s feature directorial debut, Fancy Dance, which premiered at Sundance in January 2023 and is expected to hit theaters later this year. Gladstone also appears in Hulu’s true crime drama Under the Bridge, about the murder of Reena Virk. The series premieres on April 17.

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