Lily Collins reacts to vandalised Emily in Paris billboard

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  • Lily Collins
    Lily Collins
    British-American actress
Photo credit: Phillip Faraone - Getty Images
Photo credit: Phillip Faraone - Getty Images

Lily Collins, star of Netflix's hit show Emily in Paris, surprised fans when she reacted to a defaced billboard promoting season two.

Yesterday, Collins was strolling through New York City with her husband, Charlie McDowell, when they came across a larger-than-life billboard of the show, and Collins' face had been painted over with (what looked like) clown makeup graffiti. But Collins, who has been in the spotlight since age two with acting and modelling gigs, knows how to take showbiz in stride.

She posted a jokey reaction to Instagram, much to the delight of her fans. Slide one shows her husband approaching the billboard, but then running away in mock fear when he gets up close. (Kind of like that TikTok trend where people sprint away from a "scary" phrase that pops up on screen.) You've got to be able to laugh at yourself, hey?

On the next slide, she shared a picture of her sarcastically looking shocked and offended, standing in an exaggerated "what's happened here?" pose. She captioned it, "I can’t say I love the new look, Em. But A for effort…" In an internet age where everyone is très offended by everything, it's sort of refreshing to watch a perceived "dig" roll off someone's back, non?

Weaving in a joke about the show's "frenemy" plot line, one fan commented, "[It] was Camille, I know 😂". See what others had to say about Lily's reaction:

She’s a class act everyone 👏

Hahahaha amazing

So funny! ❤️ love you can laugh at this! ❤️❤️❤️

I mean... its kind of a sign that youve made it. Someone took the time to draw in it instead of walking by.

& STILL LOOKING BEAUTIFUL 👑#hatersgonnahate

Welcome to New York 😂😂 We love you tho ❤️

Well…Since Emily’s outfits are quite original, now her makeup’s original too…😂

Excited for Season 3 🙌

So, will there be a season three of Emily in Paris? Click here for everything we know so far.

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