Lili Reinhart's selfie with zit cream and air-dried, natural hair is so relatable

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Photo credit: Rachel Luna - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rachel Luna - Getty Images

Honestly, at this point Lili Reinhart deserves some sort of prize for her contributions to our collective self esteem. Though she's a literal Hollywood A lister, she's never afraid of pulling away the curtain to reveal glimpses of her normal, everyday look.

She's already given us insights into her natural curls, and shared plenty of no-makeup snaps (like that one she took poolside a few weeks ago). She's also super into sharing her story when it comes to cystic acne, which is so awesome to see. She even once smothered herself in an oatmeal face mask in the name of great skin), and has, in the past shown fans how she spends some Saturday nights "in the company" of cystic acne, posting selfies of a make-up-free face with spot stickers (she's particularly into Squish Beauty Flower Power Acne Patches, £18).

The latest episode of Lil keeping it real includes an Instagram Story, featuring Lili in all her natural glory, with her hair air-dried to show off her gorgeous natural waves, and little-to-no makeup. She's posing through a set of XL shades and captioned the pic "Moldevite [sic] & pimple cream to scare the bad shit away", referring to the zit on her forehead and the moldavite stone she's wearing around her neck.

All I have to say at this point is, Lili: once you're done scaring away the bad shit, please drop the blemish cream recommendations, because despite all this chat about cystic acne your skin looks incred?

Photo credit: Lili Reinhart - Instagram
Photo credit: Lili Reinhart - Instagram

Would also like to know where that pendant's from too...

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