Lil Nas X orders pizza for homophobic group protesting his concert: 'Show kindness to the haters'

Lil Nas X confronted homophobic protestors in the most clever way.

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The music industry has far to go in terms of accepting LGBTQ artists, and Lil Nas X has been subject to some of its worst ire. But the “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” rapper has always used humor as a way of neutralizing hatred from bigots.

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Most of the time, those comebacks are in online spaces. But this time, the Grammy winner caught up with some of his biggest detractors IRL. It’s safe to say he did not lose his sense of humor when handling them.

On Sept. 18, footage of people protesting outside a Lil Nas X Boston concert began circulating. He responded by saying, “Just told my team to send them pizza, this is really good promo!”

Later that day, he posted an update that he was “in love with one of the homophobic protestors.”

In a TikTok, he further elaborated. His team tried to bring the protestors pizza, but it was rejected and “sadly one of the homophobes was really hot.” The rapper’s crush was a bearded man wearing a “Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries Revival” T-shirt.

“I can change him,” Lil Nas X joked in the comment section.

“We love a wonderful, emotional enemies-to-lovers story. Go for him, Nas, I believe in you,” another said.

“Show kindness to the haters,” a TikToker added.

“I wanna write fanfic about this, TBH,” a user wrote.

“Literally me when I moved to Florida,” a person joked.

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