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Amazon has all the TikTok famous products in one place — and prices start at $7

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Whether you're looking to clean it up, suck it up or brush it out, Amazon's got all the viral products in one place. (Photo: Amazon)

While TikTok is home to plenty of bite-size dance routines, compelling clips of cats and even heartwarming moments of integrity, we love it most for the product recommendations. TikTokers have truly tried everything — from booty-lifting leggings to questionable cleaning hacks — so when something goes viral on the all-powerful app, we pay attention.

Well, big news! Amazon is stocked with these hot products, and a few of them are even on sale. The retail giant has done us a huge favor by corralling them all into its Internet Famous page. Here, we've put together a list of fun goodies that have recently gone viral on TikTok and other social media platforms, across categories: hair care, skin care, fashion, housewares and more.

If you find that even a single regular-sized waffle is more than enough for your plate, you are not alone. The Dash Mini Waffle Maker — an Amazon No. 1 bestseller — is an inspired Internet favorite. It's so cute, how can you not love it? It's available in 23 colors, takes up minimal counter space and makes incredible 4-inch waffles. It's crazy easy to use, too. Bonus: It isn't just for waffles! Whip up everything from hash browns to paninis to pizzas in just three minutes! The nonstick surface promises a great result every time, plus it comes with a recipe book for all of your future mini creations!

"Honestly, this little guy is perfect. I had a bigger waffle maker that I had to lock the handle and then the whole thing flipped/rotated, and it constantly burned the waffles and made a mess. This one is the right price, easiest cleanup, and the smaller size just makes it so much more enjoyable to use and store," said one satisfied home chef.

Square sunglasses are what celebs are wearing right now and TikTokers have taken note. Those in the know, have done all the work of digging up the fashionable finds on Amazon and uncovered these sunnies with Hailey Bieber vibes. Right now, this set of two is just $15, but you can choose from 15 other sets in different colors, or you you have the option of buying just one pair.

"I love how fancy and boujee these inexpensive sunglasses make me feel!" shared one shaded shopper. "I’ve gotten so many compliments. Definitely will be my go to all summer long! Great quality for the price."

For TikTokers with limited cabinet space, this pan organizer is a game-changer. It’s designed to prevent awkward stacking of pans that can turn into cabinet chaos. It makes decluttering your cabinets and countertops a snap — more than 14,000 Amazon shoppers have already given it a five-star rating.

"I have a large collection of cast iron pans and it is such a pain having to lift them all out to retrieve the one I need," wrote one rave reviewer. "I had this sitting in my cart for a couple of months. I finally took a chance and ordered it. I am so glad that I did! It easily holds all of my cast iron pans. There is no warp or bend from the weight between each pan. It is very solid and sturdy. I use mine upright, with each pan over top of the one below it. It has made my cabinet much more organized and no more pinched fingers trying to power lift them all out! This is easily one of my favorite kitchen purchases in a while."

Convenient and lightweight, the classic, portable Cooluli four-liter thermo-electric dual mini fridge is the ideal size for storing anything from food and drink to skin-care products and medication. The removable inner shelf and container basket allow you to maximize space. But get this: While it's called a "fridge," the Coolui is also a warmer. Need to keep a sandwich, some leftovers or a snack toasty? Just flip the switch on its rear panel to change its function! With millions of views of the TikTok #cooluli hashtag, this gadget is a tried-and-true pint-size powerhouse!

One of the happy reviewers raved about Cooluli's work perks: "Very cute, very cold, no noise at all, looks cool on my desk! It’s great to not have to load a cooler and ice packs then unpack and wipe down and freeze packs again. I keep it on all day, turn off at the end of a 13-hour shift, turn it on the next morning, and it cools in no time!"

For classy cocktails, try swapping out your ice cubes for ice spheres. Did we mention there are special trays that can make these tiny balls of ice? There are. They work like a regular ice cube tray, only after you fill the tray with water, you pop a lid on top before putting it in the freezer. As the water chills, it expands and molds to the round depressions. Sounds complicated, but there are 1,500 shoppers that love it.

“Gotta be honest — I never loved looking at ice so much till getting this!” wrote a satisfied customer. “They pop out super easily, and I love that it comes with a storage container to build up the ice plus a little scoop (so cute).”

Not everyone is into robovacs, and that’s okay — the Internet still loves uprights from Shark, especially the Navigator Lift Away. It uses a HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens, and it has a special feature that shuts off the brush so you can transition seamlessly from a soft carpet to a hard floor. But it’s the suction power that impresses people.

“Top-tier suction,” a satisfied shopper shared. “Great for getting up pet hair. Sucked up an entire tube sock AND KEPT WORKING!” Another shopper who calls it the Cadillac of vacuums admitted, “My friend says that the carpet is actually a completely whiter shade now after vacuuming than it's been for the last five years...this vacuum is awesome.”

Facial rollers are simple beauty tools that have been around for centuries, but they're definitely having a moment right now, thanks to TikTok. The Baimei Facial Roller is self-explanatorily easy to use — just roll it across your face! The cooling effect of its quartz stone is said to tighten the look of your pores and reduce puffiness. TikTokkers also use it to flawlessly apply liquid cosmetics like foundation, moisturizer or oil. Just squirt a little product on your skin and gently run the Baimei over it. With more than 31,000 five-star reviews, it's definitely worth a shot.

One rave reviewer said she saw results after one week: "I love the easy way you can use this product while watching TV on breaks from our hectic lives. I see an improvement on my jawline and around my eyes. Several family members and coworkers have commented there's something different in my face."

This budget-friendly hair tool from Revlon has been compared to the high-end Dyson Airwrap styler. The Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush combines the power and heat of a dryer and the detangling bristles of a brush to cut down on styling time. And with more than 232,000 five-star reviews, we're not going to argue, we're just going to buy it.

"I have a lot of hair. A LOT. Like, 'Wow, who is that Wookiee over there?' LOTS," wrote one raving fan. "I almost have to wake up BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP in order to have enough time to dry my hair before work... The silkier-than-silk style was accomplished by this miracle of a brush in eight minutes (several more minutes were lost to running my hands through my hair and flicking it over my shoulder while smiling coquettishly in the mirror)."

These reusable kitchen towels are made with sustainable cellulose and cotton to make them super absorbent. You can use them just like a regular paper towel, but they’re strong enough to scrub dishes with caked-on food. It didn’t take long for the Internet to catch on to their effectiveness — so far, they have racked up more than 30,000 five-star reviews. A pack of 10 is just $18, making each towel just under two bucks each.

“You can really scrub with them," wrote a contented kitchen cleaner. "They never feel yucky like a sponge does...I have soaked them in bleach, thrown them in the washer and they come out great every time. I've used the same two for a month now, and they still look great; when they go downhill I can compost them.”

If you've been trying to figure out how to dust between the letters on your keyboard or the crevices in your car's dashboard, let us introduce you to ColorCoral Cleaning Gel. This stuff is kind of like Silly Putty — you take a hunk of it and knead it a little with your hands before rolling over dusty cracks, and when you pull it up, the cracks are magically clean. If you're a doubter, well, more than 8,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rave.

“I couldn't believe how well it worked!” wrote this shocked shopper. “When I opened the jar it had a slime that I was sure would stick to anything I used it on. With no guts and no glory, I tried it on an old keyboard. It was remarkable! Even as gooey as it was, it didn't stick to the keys and also did a fantastic job lifting the dust off the keyboard. I was amazed and went to clean all of my keyboards with it. I'll be trying it on the car's dashboard next.”

The mega-popular Heeta Hair Shampoo Brush is made of soft, high-quality silicone to deep-clean the hair and scalp, ridding your locks of dirt and residue from everyday pollution and product buildup. This handy-dandy shower accessory works for all hair types, wet or dry. (You may even want to get extras for your pets!)

With regular use, your hair and scalp will be healthier, stronger and cleaner than ever. Heeta's silicone bristles massage your scalp to ease itchiness and promote blood circulation while reducing dandruff and promoting smoother, shinier hair.

And if you're a scalp skeptic, don't fret. As one five-star reviewer reported, "I immediately loved how soft the bristles are when applied to my scalp and that it didn’t tangle my hair. It’s so much better than using your hands or fingernails when lathering your shampoo up. After my first wash, I didn’t see any buildup. My hair was clean and fresh, and surprisingly smooth!"

If your skin tends to get oily throughout the day, forget the powder — instead, try this volcanic roller. Just apply it to your T-zone and anywhere else that's looking a little shiny, and it'll magically remove all that oil without adding any additional product to your face. Plus, if you have makeup on, it won't budge. Keep one in your purse, your desk, your makeup bag — this thing is truly genius.

"This rolling device is like pure magic," a shopper noted. "Or voodoo?! You simply roll it around your oily areas and BOOM, the oil magically vanishes into the ball, never to be seen again! This is an item that #tiktokmademebuyit for sure!"

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping on these items, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And even those without Prime get free shipping on orders of $25 or more).

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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