Life-Sized Barbie Concept Car Unveiled At LA Car Show

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Toymaker Mattel have unveiled a life-size Barbie car at an LA car show.

Among serious contenders like Porsche, Tesla, and Hyundai, Mattel stood out at the Los Angeles Auto Show with a human-sized convertible. Dubbed the 'Barbie Extra', the two-seat electric convertible with Fiat 500e technology was developed as a one-off to promote Mattel’s fashion dolls and accessories line.

The aesthetic of the vehicle resembles the toy version which sees a sparkly silver finish, star-shaped headlights, wings as doors, rainbow-rimmed wheels, and Barbie branding on the hood and wheels. The two-seater interior is, of course, outfitted with the quintessential Barbie pink, along with furry seats.

The drivable vehicle boasts 111 horsepower, 147 pound-feet torque, and up to 100 miles of range, perfect for a human-sized Barbie and her pets to zoom around town. The magnified version took Mattel two and a half months to build.

To bring it to life, the Barbie design team scaled up the toy car’s own CAD files and then cut out the design in foam, as well as 3D-printed the wheels. Sadly the life-sized car will not make it to market, and is simply a publicity stunt for the all-new toy-sized Barbie Extra Vehicle which is now available online and in-stores at Walmart for $30 USD.

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