Life Lessons: Ashley Graham on her first few months of motherhood

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Photo credit: Justin Ervin

From Harper's BAZAAR

"Something interesting that I've learned about motherhood in relation to criticism is that, when you're pregnant, everyone's obsessed with you," Ashley Graham tells us from the set of her Harper's Bazaar cover shoot, which was shot entirely in isolation by her husband, Justin Ervin. "But what happens when the baby comes, is that everybody has an opinion about how you parent - even though they told you, 'Don't take advice from anybody'."

The model welcomed her first child, Isaac, in February, shortly before the coronavirus pandemic forced much of the world into social isolation. She's since been spending her first few months as a new mother in her childhood home of Lincoln, Nebraska, which is where her Bazaar cover shoot took place.

Photo credit: Justin Ervin

In our exclusive behind-the-scenes video, the 32-year-old explains that how she's learning to multitask, balancing work priorities with the demands of new motherhood.

"The biggest lesson that I've learned as a new mommy in quarantine is flexibility; how to roll with the punches and how to really find joy every single day," she tells us.

"When Isaac is hungry and I have a Zoom meeting at the exact same time, I just pop him on the boob and have the Zoom meeting. All you've got to do is tilt the camera up a bit and you can do anything from here [gestures to her neck] down."

Watch the full video above, in which Graham discusses everything she's learned in her first few months of motherhood - touching on everything from style, to confidence and self-care.

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