After Life fans share confusion over major character's absence in season three

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The third and final season of Ricky Gervais' hit series After Life landed on Netflix on Friday and viewers didn't waste a single second before getting stuck in. But there are two stars who are nowhere to be found in the new episodes - Roisin Conaty and Mandeep Dhillon who play Roxy and Sandy respectively.

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Taking to Twitter, many fans shared their confusion and disappointment after discovering that neither characters make an appearance in the new episodes. "Thoroughly enjoyed #AfterLife3, great use of soundtrack, esp for ending. Did miss Roxy and Sandy though, but great series," one said.

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Another echoed this, writing: "Just finished After Life season 3. Simply brilliant! Missed Sandy & Roxy but I can't complain about a series so beautifully done," while a third posted a series of broken heart emojis followed by: "WHERE DID SANDY GO? #AfterLife."

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For those wondering why the two actresses don't appear, it seems that it's down to a few reasons. Creator and star Ricky Gervais has revealed that for Roisin's character Roxy he decided not to include her as he felt "there wasn't quite the story there".


Neither Mandeep Dhillon or Roisin Conaty appear in the new episodes

"That was fine because Roxy wasn't in it much, you know, so I got around that with giving the story sort of through [Pat] the postman," he told Digital Spy.

As for Mandeep, who played Sandy in the first two seasons, she "couldn't do it because she was filming," he explained. The actress starred in a number of TV shows last year - including CSI: Vegas, Temple and Elliot From Earth - any of which may have clashed with the After Life shooting schedule.

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Instead, in the new episodes, there is a "new intern" at the Tambury Gazette by the name of Coleen, played by Kath Hughes. Speaking about the change, Ricky added: "Sandy I had time to rewrite it, write her out and put Colleen in her place."

And as for the series ending? (Warning, spoilers ahead to those who have yet to watch!) Speaking about how he himself interprets the final moments, Ricky told HELLO! and other reporters: "The end in for me says that Life goes on. Life goes on. The Fair has been there for 500 years, and it might be there for another 500. It's basically saying we all die, but not today. That's at the moment it's good, it's fine."

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