Lidl's New Mince Pie Ice Cream Is All Kinds Of Delicious

Marianna Gould
Photo credit: Lidl

From Delish

It's mince pie season people! And Lidl has gone IN on making seven brand-new dessert themed mince pies. We've seen mince pie yoghurt and mince pie porridge, but what else can you do with a mince pie?

Well, a lot it seems...

The festive range kicks off with some Gingerbread Mince Pies priced at just £2.29. Featuring hints of warming nutmeg and cinnamon, this is perfect for you lot looking for a simple spicy and sweet treat this Christmas. Lidl is also welcoming Salted Caramel and Black Forest Mince Pies, because who doesn't love a new flavour, eh?

Photo credit: Lidl

If you want something bigger and better to show off this year, check out Lidl's Mince Pie Strudel, yep this baby is only £2.99 and would make the perfect Christmas dessert. On top of this, for just £2.29, Lidl is also selling Deluxe Florentine Festive Tarts. YUM.

And finally, how does a Mince Pie Ice Cream sound? We can confirm it's totally tasty, and you'll want a whole bowl of the stuff. Swirled through with mincemeat and shortcake crust pieces, a tub costs a reasonable £1.99. It might just get you in the festive spirit for Christmas.

Photo credit: Lidl

This mince pie extravaganza is in store now, so you shoppers will have to be quick if you want to avoid missing out this Christmas!

But if you really REALLY want to impress this Christmas, then you should check out our recipe for a Mince Pie Tiramisu😲.