Lidl trials supermarket 'smart' refill stations

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Ady Kerry/PinPep/Cover Images

Lidl bosses have partnered with Chilean sustainability start-up Algramo to trial the U.K.'s first supermarket “smart” laundry detergent refill station.

Launching in Kingswinford, West Midlands, the six-month pilot could save 2,970 single-use plastic containers from one store alone.

Shoppers at the store are able to purchase a dedicated, 100 per cent recyclable refill bottle filled with a choice of four Lidl own brand laundry detergents for the same price as a standard single-use bottle.

After the refill bottle is purchased, any refills then come with a 20p saving - reducing spending as well as plastic, meaning customers will never pay more for a more sustainable choice.

The refill bottles have been specially designed with a U.K.-first smart chip, which allows the machine to register and recognise the bottle. Once the refill process is complete, shoppers can collect the ticket printed with the chosen product's barcode and pay at the till with the weekly shop. The innovative refill machines are fully automated - making the process simple and fast, also helping to avoid any awkward spills created by manual refill machines.

Mark Newbold, CSR Manager at Lidl GB, said: "At Lidl, we believe you shouldn't have to pay more for doing the right thing. It's why we're especially proud to be trialling this pioneering refill technology that not only helps customers reduce their plastic usage, but also their weekly shopping bill."

Since 2013, Algramo has been dedicated to helping Chilean families buy life's essentials in reusable packaging and is now an international benchmark for circular economy.

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