Lidl Is Selling A Wine Cooler Handbag And It’s Got A Secret Tap!

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Word on the street is, the weather in June is going to be cracking! Which makes us think of one thing and one thing only: wine. Ice-cold white wine or rosé (sorry red – we’ll see you again in autumn).

It’s very important to keep your wine at the optimum temperature, especially in this scorchio heat. But, unless you’re at home, with a fridge to hand, that can be easier said than done.

But, as usual, Lidl is on hand to help. And on this occasion, it’s with this handy wine cooler handbag! Lidl’s super-stylish wine cooler handbag features a specially insulated 1.5L liquid compartment and a tap dispenser so you can pour yourself a glass without even having to open it up. What a time to be alive!?

Photo credit: Lidl
Photo credit: Lidl

The bag, which also functions perfectly well as a regular handbag, comes in two super-stylish colours (black and navy and white stripes) and will set you back just £19.99.

But if rucksacks are more your thing, Lidl is also selling a wine cooler that looks just like a regular backpack.

Photo credit: Lidl
Photo credit: Lidl

The backpack features the same insulated compartment, which is perfect for keeping wine lovely and chilled, alongside a tap dispenser for easy access. This will also set you back just £19.99.

Both of these wine cooler bags are available from Lidl as of 3 June.

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