Lidl Is Selling A Festive Pizza With Pigs In Blankets And It Looks Hella Good

Marianna Gould
Photo credit: Lidl

From Delish

Fancy trying something different this festive season? Forget your average side of pigs in blankets and last minute pizza dinners. Combine the two and have yourself a festive pizza TOPPED with pigs in blankets. Yep, that's right, Lidl has launched this Christmas loaded pizza just in time for all your celebrations.

Tell me more I hear you say. Well, the pizza base is made from stoned-baked sourdough (my fave) and loaded with a rich Mediterranean style tomato sauce, red onions, cranberry sauce and of course finished with pigs in blankets! Sounds pretty dreamy, right? I think it's now officially acceptable to eat pizza at Christmas time...

Costing just £3.29 and set to be in stores from Thursday 5 December, the pizza is expected to fly off the shelves so you'll need to be quick!

But Lidl's Christmas offerings don't stop there. The brand is also launching six more pigs in blankets inspired treats. Think a yard of pig in blanket (£4.49), British pork stuffing parcels (£2.79), and even some chicken in blankets (£2.79). But you won't be able to get your hands on these pieces until 19 December.