Lidl launches new vegan skincare range – and everything is £1.99!

Ruth Doherty
Photo credit: Lidl

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During lockdown, many of us have spent more time focusing on our skin's needs and upping the ante on our beauty routine. And we're increasingly interested in ensuring our skincare is organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

But you don't have to spend a fortune on a 'clean' routine and high-quality vegan skincare, as Lidl has jus proved with its covetable new skincare range Pure Olive – with each product costing just £1.99.

All products within the range are made with organic olive oil which boasts a number of beauty benefits due to its hydrating nature and high antioxidant content.

Photo credit: Lidl

There are four fantastic, nourishing products in the range, including a face cream, hand cream, body lotion and shower gel.

Skin feeling thirsty? If you're looking to give your skin a hydration boost, the Pure Olive Face Cream provides 24-hour moisture, keeping your complexion looking fresh and plump all day long.

You can indulge and nourish your whole body with the Pure Olive Body Lotion. The skin-loving moisturising formulas leave you feeling super soft and are perfect for all skin types.

Photo credit: Lidl

For anyone looking to bring a touch of luxury to the morning shower, Lidl’s Pure Olive Shower Gel gently cleanses and invigorates the body and senses, boasting a subtle floral scent for a squeaky-clean and pleasant-smelling freshen up.

Photo credit: Lidl

With all of us washing our hands more frequently than usual, skin can easily get dry. The Lidl Pure Olive Hand Cream is the perfect antidote for rough skin that needs a little TLC.

The full range is available in store from 2 July... The perfect treat to pick up on your weekly shop.

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