These Lidl Chicken Nuggets Are “Game-Changing” Apparently

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

With McDonald’s recently having to close its doors for all dining in and takeaways, you may be finding it a touch trickier to get hold of your beloved Chicken McNuggets.

Yes, you could make them at home yourself – this recipe from Joshuah Nishi, aka Nish Cooks, is particularly good. But, let’s be honest, sometimes we just haven’t got the energy or motivation to cook from scratch, and sticking something in the oven is the best we can manage.

If that’s the case, you may want to pop to Lidl and pick up a portion of these chicken nuggets, which people are saying taste just like McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

We first heard about this box of nuggets from the Snack News & Reviews Facebook page when a photo of the box of 12 nuggets was shared. And not only can you get 12 nuggets for just £1.69, you also get two dips: curry sauce and sweet and sour!

There are a load of comments on the Facebook post, and when someone was asked how they compare to Maccas’ nuggets, one chicken fan said: “I’ve had them before, they taste the same.”

Another fan added that these are a “Saturday night game-changer.”

And even a Lidl employee piped up and remarked, “As a staff member, I can say they do sell pretty fast.”

So, you might want to get down to your local Lidl ASAP.

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