Liar fans have a new theory about who killed Andrew Earlham

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As well as reading lots of books and trying our hand at a home workout, self isolation has given us a lot of spare time for television. And from The Tiger King to ITV's Liar, it's safe to say we're making the most of it.

The second season of Liar is currently airing on Monday nights at 9pm on ITV, and has fans of crime dramas absolutely hooked. During last night's episode, viewers think they were given a clue about who killed Andrew Earlham (played by Ioan Gruffudd) and have been coming up with theories ever since.

In case you need a recap, series two follows Laura Nielson (played by Joanne Froggatt), as she attempts to uncover the mysterious circumstances surrounding Andrew's death. Viewers know that Andrew raped Laura in series one, and as such, she has been listed as the main suspect in the investigation by police.

But viewers think last night's episode hinted that Laura is being set up, and the crime is being pinned on her by the actual culprit - her sister Katy Sutcliffe (played by Zoe Tapper). Yes really.

Last night's episode saw Laura and Katy’s dad's health deteriorate as he goes in and out of hospital. At one point, he asks Laura to end his life and while Katy had been against the idea at first, she offered to be the one to do it. When it came to it, though, she couldn't go through with it, and viewers saw Laura be the one to end his life, putting her silver necklace through his hands as he died.

It's this same necklace that is found by police, leading to Laura being arrested for Andrew's murder. Could it be the case that her sister planted the necklace, and set Laura up as revenge for killing their dad? This is so twisted.

"It was the sister ... got the necklace and found his car keys in the locker room and put them in her drawers #liar," one person wrote on Twitter, while another added, " I bet it was Katy that killed Andrew #Liar."

A third said, "Maybe the sister framed her?

Oh this is SO dark. Liar continues Monday at 9pm on ITV.

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