Liam Payne forced to take break after becoming 'very poorly' with mystery illness

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Liam Payne has been struggling with his mental health whilst battling a mystery illness.

The Strip That Down star took to YouTube over the weekend to update his fans on why he has been "quiet" in recent weeks and revealed he has been feeling rather unwell.

Although Liam didn't reveal his diagnosis, he joked about wearing a mask in case he "infects his camera" before comparing his newfound croaky voice to former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles.

"I feel like this becomes like a Harry Styles constant impression! Maybe I've took (sic) his voice on for something..." he joked during the 16-minute video update, though clarified that he wasn't suffering from Covid-19. "(It's) been a very weird and very poorly few weeks - a lot of coughing - I feel for anyone who's ill right now,"

And Liam also told fans his illness, which left him unable to exercise, has proven detrimental to his mental health, admitting: "When I can't train or work out I become a depressive madman!"

However, the downtime has come with some reward for the singer, who has been teaching his young son Bear, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Cheryl, to swim.

Describing the process as "tasking," he added: "As a dad, I try to push him quite hard sometimes, it's tough to know the right balance... His mum's quite good at that, to be fair."

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