LGBTQ+ charities call on Liz Truss to keep word and ban conversion therapy

Ban Conversion Therapy coalition, made up of leading LGBTQ+ charities, releases video calling on Liz Truss to keep word and ban conversion therapy.

Credit: @BanCTorg Via Twitter

Video transcript

LIZ TRUSS: We have set out in the Queen's speech our intention to ban conversion therapy, which is an abhorrent practices.

Practices that harm somebody or try to convert somebody into being something they are not, are not just wrong, they are also completely inappropriate and unacceptable.

The consultation will address issues of gender identity and sexual orientation.

It should be true in all circumstances, including with religious practices.

There is no place for the abhorrent practice of conversion therapy in our society. Our proposals will ensure LGBT people can live their lives free from harm.

That is why we will be bringing forward our plans to ban this practice very shortly.

Conversion therapy is an abhorrent practice that this government will ban.

I am committed to banning conversion therapy. It's an abhorrent practice.

Conversion therapy is a completely abhorrent practice.

This is an abhorrent practice that we need to stop in the United Kingdom.

We are working to end it.

We need to get on with doing this. And I can assure the honorable lady that we are very much on it.