Levi Davis' mother makes appeal for son to come home

The mother of rugby player, and former X Factor star, Levi Davis made an appeal for her son to return home after going missing in Barcelona.

Video transcript

- Would you say to anybody who's there in Barcelona? Anyone who's there, and just-- and to Levi, your son.

- Levi, please. Son, if you see this message, please please get in touch? I can't begin to understand how you're feeling. But just know that I do love you and our family loves you. We just want you home.

And to anybody else, if they do see him, please get in contact? We do have an email address going out if anyone does have any information. And that's

- And Levi is spelled L-E-V-I. Davis is D-A-V-I-S.

- Correct.

- Julie, we wish you all the luck in the world. All the best in the world.