Levels of Vitamin B12, Found in BBQ Ribs, Could Boost Post-Lockdown Gains

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Photo credit: Marianna Massey - Getty Images
Photo credit: Marianna Massey - Getty Images

Adam and Eve, wearied by their amorous play, lie on crumpled bedsheets. The corrupting serpent stretches out across her breasts; stitches in his side reveal the hole from where she was plucked by the hand of God. And above them reads the caption: “Sinfully tempting ribs”.

So went the weirdly biblical ad campaign for the Singaporean grill restaurant Bobby’s Taproom, which felt it appropriate to compare the love of barbecued ribs to some sort of satanically inspired, onanistic compulsion. Adam’s prominent scar reminds you that when he does it with Eve, he’s actually doing it with a part of himself.

As mildly disconcerting as that advert was, there was a certain logic to it. Ribs, suffused with more connective tissue and tasty fat than any other part of a cow, are prized by meat-eaters seeking the biggest, most indulgent flavours. And eating them is a science-backed form of self-love, especially for those who feel trapped on a training plateau.

Vitamin B12 is a micronutrient that is crucial to developing oxygen-carrying red blood cells, maintaining good brain function and supporting a healthy metabolism – as well as keeping up your energy levels, whether in a gym or in front of a laptop.

Deficiencies can leave you feeling sluggish, keeping your workouts stuck in first gear and dashing your hopes of speedy weight loss or new muscle. Thankfully, a melt-in-the-mouth 85g serving of barbecued beef short ribs packs around three microgrammes of the vitamin, which amount to more than 120% of your daily requirement.

And as we get older, our bodies find it harder to absorb, so going for seconds of this meaty medication is perfectly justified – especially since vitamin B12 only occurs naturally in animal products. (Veggies have to supp it.) Satisfy your lust and tuck in. Trust us, it’s no sin at all.

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