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One Santa Cookie

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All the Christmas Cookie Recipes You Could Possibly Want For the Holidays

Some may think Christmas is all about togetherness and exchanging gifts and spreading cheer, and while all those things are lovely, what Christmas is really about is the food, am I right? OK, maybe it's not all about the food, but Christmas cookies, in particular, are very, very important. Whether you want to whip up a batch for a cookie exchange or just make every cookie known to man to snack on during the whole month of December, you need a wide variety of options to choose from. We've gathered the prettiest, yummiest recipes, so you can bake the best cookies ever for your friends and family. You know, so everyone can enjoy them while you're doing the whole togetherness, exchanging gifts, and spreading cheer part of the holidays. Find the most wonderful cookie recipes of the season ahead.

- Additional reporting by Anna Monette Roberts and Lauren Harano


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