'I let fly a stream of colourful expletives...' Julie Andrews' shock Mary Poppins confession!

Julie Andrews swore on the set of Mary Poppins credit:Bang Showbiz
Julie Andrews swore on the set of Mary Poppins credit:Bang Showbiz

Dame Julie Andrews "let fly a stream of expletives" on the 'Mary Poppins' set.

The 87-year-old actress was a celebrated stage star before she made her feature film debut in Walt Disney's 'Mary Poppins' in 1964 and Julie admitted she found some of the stunts, where her alter-ego Poppins flew through the air, painful and dangerous.

Revealing that the harness she wore left bruises and she was once dropped from a height, Julie told US Closer magazine: "I landed hard and was quite shaken. I have to admit, I let fly a stream of colourful expletives."

However, Disney was a big fan of Andrews and even postponed filming until after she had given birth.

She explained: "I said, ‘Oh, Mr. Disney, I’d love to come. But I’m pregnant.’ He spoiled me."

Disney also hired her then-husband, Tony Walton, as a designer on the film.

Julie also revealed all was not rosy on the set of her iconic movie 'The Sound of Music', as co-star Christopher Plummer did not mix with her and she was having issues in her marriage to Tony.

She said: "I was quite lonely. Tony was working, and our marriage was a little rocky."

But, Julie would not change her experiences in Hollywood for anything.

She said: "Thankfully, I was willing to pay my dues and to learn. When we were touring, my mum would drill into me: ‘Don’t you dare complain about anything. … Get on with it and you’ll be respected so much more