Let’s Make-Up: the beauty products to know about this week

Naomi May
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 (Images courtesy of brands)
(Images courtesy of brands)

We’ve finished Bridgerton, shed tears at the finale of Schitt’s Creek and – now what?

With very little else to do besides binging the cohort of great telly on the small screen and going for a walk around your neighbourhood, may we suggest that you turn your attention to giving yourself a good glowing over?

Indeed, a scrub here, an exfoliation there, there’s very little in the way of boredom that skincare can’t solve.

In fact, it’s our unofficial advice to you to indulge your senses in a little self pamper this week, during which these new products are sure to bring you joy.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

Now that our faces are covered 99 per cent of the time, it’s down to our eyes to do the hard work of making us look good. If you, like me, tend to veer away from coloured eyebrow pencils, then you will rejoice at Anastasia Beverly Hills’ latest launch. A gel-like consistency, the almost-wax helps brows to stay in place all day, meaning you don’t have to worry about them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Anastasia Beverly Hills

£24 | Beauty Bay

Jo Loves Refillable White Rose & Lemon Fragrance Paintbrush Gel

What could be better than a Jo Loves fragrance paintbrush, I hear you cry? Well, imagine Jo Malone’s addictive paintbrush gels, but refillable, and therefore better for the planet.

Malone’s White Rose and Lemon scent is the most delicious rose fragrance I’ve ever smelt. All that’s needed is a few swipes of the brush for your skin to adopt its light and floral scent. Once your brush is out of gel, you only need to buy yourself a replacement refill. Malone is simplifying scents, one step at a time.

Space NK
Space NK

£48 | Space NK

Diptyque Graphic Collection Figuier Candle

In a time such as this, we’ve never needed pretty things in our homes more. Enter, Diptyque’s new Graphic Collection, which sees its cult candles housed in new sixties-style monochrome vessels for the first time.

We can’t get enough of Figuier at the best of times, but especially now, given its picture-perfect new casing. We’ll be snapping up Roses once we’ve burned this one down, too.

Space NK
Space NK

£56 | Space NK

SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF Serum

The newest recruit to SkinCeuticals’ cult-status Phloretin CF and CE Ferulic serums, is Silymarin CF, which has the same Vitamin C credentials as its two siblings, but is made specifically for calming blemish-prone skin thanks to the addition of milk thistle-derived Silymarin.

I’ve been using it for a month once in the morning before moisturiser and SPF (don’t forget that sunscreen when wearing antioxidants!) and my skin truly looks the best it’s ever looked.


£145 | lookfantastic

Pai Skincare Instant Kalmer Ceramide Serum

As Britain’s bitter wind continues to whip our collective faces left, right and centre, our skin needs more TLC than ever. Pai Skincare is not only one of the best London-based clean and vegan beauty brands, but its Instant Kalmer Serum is chockablock full of ultra-nourishing ceramides that have saved my skin.

In the two weeks since I started using it, the serum has been elevated to the heady heights of cult status in my skincare arsenal. Use it morning and night before moisturiser for optimal results. Glow get 'em!

Instant Kalmer Sea Aster and Schisandra Ceramide Serumlookfantastic
Instant Kalmer Sea Aster and Schisandra Ceramide Serumlookfantastic

£49 | lookfantastic

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