Leonardo DiCaprio 'invests in vegan sneakers company'

Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in a sneakers brand credit:Bang Showbiz
Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in a sneakers brand credit:Bang Showbiz

Leonardo DiCaprio has become a business partner of James Blunt.

The 48-year-old actor and James, 49, have both reportedly invested in LØCI - a British vegan sneakers brand - after being persuaded to support the company by Princess Eugenie, their mutual friend.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Eugenie was introduced to the brand by her good pal Sofia, James’ wife, and attended its launch event last year.

"She is connected to Leo through some of her Hollywood pals and inspired him to invest last summer."

The sneakers have actually become popular with various members of the royal family.

The insider added: "[Eugenie] has since introduced the trainers to Prince Harry and Meghan as well as other environmentally-friendly royals.

"James has now invested too, so he is technically in business with Leo.

"It’s random but a cool connection for them both."

The company uses "premium repurposed ocean and land plastic" and is also popular with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Ben Affleck.

DiCaprio is well-known for his environmental activism and in 2016, he starred in a documentary film called 'Before the Flood' that focused on the issue of climate change.

Speaking about the documentary, he previously explained: "We went to every corner of the globe to document the devastating impacts of climate change and questioned humanity's ability to reverse what may be the most catastrophic problem mankind has ever faced. There was a lot to take in.

"All that we witnessed on this journey shows us that our world's climate is incredibly interconnected and that it is at urgent breaking point.

"We wanted to create a film that gave people a sense of urgency, that made them understand what particular things are going to solve this problem."