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Saturday 06, June

The lunation is asking you to get back into your daily schedule and flow. After an intense ride with the recent eclipse, you're finally settling back into your work mode. It's hard after so much focus on fire and the heart to get grounded and back to the practical, but alas that is what the stars are asking. You'll feel better once you make a plan.

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Thursday 04, June

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is about to drop in your house of love and pleasure. On the one hand your creativity is off the charts and your heart has been blasted right open. On the other hand, the fear of the unknown is no joke. You're somewhere between feeling elated and exhausted.

Wednesday 03, June

Today's Sun-Venus merger brings all of your higher pursuits into focus. Your friends, your followers, and your goals are highlighted under this influence. What do you really want to pursue over the next several months? Your values are getting crystal clear in the best way to guide you forward.

Tuesday 02, June

Today's lunar influence is intense and asking you to go deep in preparation for this Friday's big Full Moon eclipse. If this requires spending more time at home or alone in contemplation, so don't hesitate to take that for yourself. You can get back to your adoring fans when you feel like it. For now, just retreat.

Sunday 31, May

The Moon moves into your communication zone this Sunday, setting you up for a few days of extra dynamic talking, texting and thinking. It's perfect for finally finessing and sending those emails in your drafts folder, Leo. People want to hear what you have to say, so push send on those messages.

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