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Monday 23, September

It's all about getting back into balance today, Leo. The Sun is moving into your house of communication to join the current planetary pileup in the sign of balance. Communication is especially powerful and potentially sweet. Use your words to bring more grace and love into the mix over the next few weeks.

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Sunday 22, September

With the Moon in your dream zone, you just want to space all the way out today, Leo. That might be the right call, as a lot of people will be reacting (and overreacting) to a harsh square between Mercury and Saturn. Avoid rows and just focus on your own inner life.

Saturday 21, September

The Moon is in your social zone this weekend, so it's time to grab your squad and connect to your favourite group of humans, online and off. It's all about your tribe today and tomorrow - the ones who really get you and those you truly enjoy spending time with.

Friday 20, September

The Moon is in Gemini as you get closer to the weekend and that brings a very social vibe, Leo. Your friends and colleagues rule your world at the moment, so refuse to go it alone. Connect to a group, whether it's in your IRL community or just on Insta.

Thursday 19, September

The Moon is in your social zone, fueling your friendships, but Mars and Pluto are bringing something much deeper today. The trine between these two power planets can influence your ambition and make you incredibly motivated to make major bank, Leo.

Wednesday 18, September

With rule-bound Saturn going direct in your house of work today, it's time to get super serious about your projects - especially if you've been stressing out too much lately. It's time to find the boundaries between your downtime and your "on" time, Leo - so you can properly learn to rule the world between now and mid-2020.

Tuesday 17, September

The Moon is in your career zone today, and with a connection to Uranus later this evening, expect a bolt out of the clear blue sky on the professional front. The more that you are willing to embrace change and bold creativity, the better you'll fare, Leo.

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