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Thursday 02, July

The fun fire is back with the Sagittarius Moon lighting up your house of love and pleasure. This is also exceptionally creative for you, as it highlights self-expression. Put yourself out there in a big and unapologetic way while the vibe is hot. You don't need permission or an actual stage. Create the platform and just go for it.

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Wednesday 01, July

Today's lunar influence is both emotional and dreamy. In fact, your creative powers are on point so use them well. You can tap into visions that excite and delight you to no end. Write down what might at first appear as a stream of consciousness kind of imagination flow. Once you see it in written form, you'll process the power of your genius.

Tuesday 30, June

The Moon is now settling at the base of your horoscope, Leo. This puts the focus on your domestic affairs and family conditions in general. You probably require more time to yourself to process all the feelings being stirred up as we move closer to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse taking place this weekend. Give yourself extra time alone to sleep to deal with all the changes in the air.

Monday 29, June

Today's Moon-Pluto row puts tensions on your work life and communication in general. The ongoing Mercury Retrograde certainly isn't helping matters much. If you can find a way to focus on that which matters most and that which you actually do have control over, you'll bypass the stress levels.

Sunday 28, June

Your communication zone is lit up with love today, and you've got the messaging to match. Talking, thinking and texting is just easy and you've got so much flow you're not sure what to do with it all. If you've wanted to start a writing project, work on drafting today.

Saturday 27, June

Mars, the planet of passion, marches into your sister fire sign Aries today. This is a BIG DEAL, Leo, because he'll remain in your adventure zone for an extraordinarily long time due to an upcoming retrograde. Between now and the end of the year you're all charged up and hungry for wisdom. Expect to be frustrated if you can't get on the road - the trick is finding creative ways to travel without leaving home.

Friday 26, June

Now that the Moon has left your stars and settled into Virgo, you're able to focus on your finances and get your budget back in balance. Eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde have shaken things up so much lately that finding the time to drill down into these numbers has likely been elusive. Now you can do it, Leo, and you can do it calmly.

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