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Tuesday 31, March

Mars, the planet of aggression, is bucking directly up against Saturn, the planet of boundaries. This is not a happy combination, Leo, and it's happening in your relationship zone. It's necessary to use extra care when attending to all your partnerships, because it's extremely stressful out there at the moment.

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Monday 30, March

Today the planet of action bursts into Aquarius, your opposite sign. This is going to be a powerful six weeks for your relationships, as Saturn just landed here about a week ago. Lean into partnerships without getting unduly angry, Leo - try to focus on avoiding projection.

Sunday 29, March

The Moon and Mercury are in a snag today causing confusion in communication. The desire to stick to the details and the facts is met with much confusion and projection. It's best to step back and wait for the fog to clear before forcing any decisions that are steeped in misunderstanding.

Friday 27, March

Get ready for a lovely day when spirits are high and the hope returns. You're starting to feel super positive about your career and the future in general for a welcome change after recent stress and fear. This is excellent for your creativity and plotting your next star-powered moves, Leo.

Thursday 26, March

The Moon moves into your house of career today, Leo. You may have felt disconnected from your big picture plans recently, but your excitement and vision is starting to return. You're so unbelievably gifted. It's just a matter of figuring out how and when to launch your next big project in a time of uncertainty.

Wednesday 25, March

Today's Sun-Chiron merger is all about your higher vision and ideals. You're ready to lend a helping hand in a big way to heal the wounds of those you care most about. Even if that means reaching out in a phone call or online to show you care and are there for the ones you adore. You're a leader always.

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