Lenny Kravitz's Mom 'Never Judged' His Style: 'She Just Loved'

Kravitz opened up to 'Highsnobiety' about how supportive his mom always was

<p>Kevin Amato</p> Lenny Kravitz

Kevin Amato

Lenny Kravitz

If you have ever wondered what Lenny Kravitz's mom thought of his eclectic style, you might be surprised.

Kravitz came up in the rock and roll scene in the late '80s and early '90s, and besides hit songs like "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over," what set him apart was his eclectic, goth-hippie aesthetic. It's a look he is still sporting decades later — just look at his '70s-inspired goth rocker look worn at the Oscars.

It's the very aesthetic he showcased on his new cover story for fashion magazine Highsnobiety, where he sported his usual style in a perfectly on-trend monochromatic silver iteration.

<p>Kevin Amato</p>

Kevin Amato

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However, when he was first arriving on the music scene, people around him were not too sure of the style that would ultimately help cement him in the zeitgeist. He told the outlet, "My friends were like, 'Your mom's going to freak.' We were all nervous."

Despite his friends' concern, Kravitz said his late mom, Roxie Roker, looked him "up and down" before saying to him, "If you're gonna wear that skirt, you got to change them shoes."

Kravitz continued, "One thing about my mother, she never judged anybody. She just loved."

<p>Kevin Amato</p>

Kevin Amato

Kravitz shared that the love from his mother was also felt from both sides of his family, who, being Caribbean-American and Jewish-Ukrainian, opened him to so much beauty in the world and helped him not feel limited in the clothes he could put on his body.

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"Growing up between cultures and religions and types of people in my family, by virtue of me being multiracial… I grew up in the middle of all this beauty," Kravitz said.

All of the cultures he grew up around and the women who raised him — each with their own unique styles he pulled from — helped him to learn "that clothes (like paintings or dance or music) have no creative limits," he wrote in his book Let Love Rule. "I now saw the relationship between high fashion and art."

<p>Kevin Amato</p>

Kevin Amato

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However, despite decades of serving it in magazines and on red carpets, he still looks back at some of his outfit choices with regret.

"It happens all the time," he said of some of those missteps. Lately, though, he said he's developed a "who cares?" mindset. "You're not going to grow if everything's perfect all the time," he told Highsnobiety, especially when thinking about the memes about his big scarf.

Learning is something he is always doing, especially on his most recent Highsnobiety cover.

"[The styling] took me back to places that I was in in the '90s, but also took me forward," he said. "It opened a door like, 'I see where I'm about to go,' [still] being adventurous and trying new things."

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