Leigh-Anne Pinnock reveals that she struggled to breastfeed her twins

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If you needed another reason to love the Little Mix gang, enter the frank and honest way that the LM Mums (AKA Leigh Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards) discuss motherhood.

Leigh-Anne, who welcomed twins (she's never revealed their names or their sex) with her fiancé Andrew Gray last August has now opened up about the realities of trying to breastfeed two babies at a time - what's known as tandem feeding.

And, in news that will surprise precisely no one - mother or not - it sounds bloody hard.

'It's been intense, and I don't feel people talk about how hard it is,' she revealed to the MailOnline.

'With the sleep deprivation on top, at one point I was literally hallucinating because I was so tired,' she continued. 'It's definitely not easy.'

This follows a sweet picture that Leigh-Anne shared in December of her breastfeeding her twins backstage at the premiere of her debut film, Boxing Day. She received a slew of comments on the image, praising her for normalising breastfeeding in public.

Little Mix are currently taking their sold-out Confetti tour nationwide, before Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade Thirlwall, 29, take an indefinite break to focus on solo projects.

Bandmate Perrie Edwards also became a mum last year, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 28, and she made her admiration of Leigh Anne known.

'Every night I'd be up breastfeeding Axel, so shattered my eyes would be falling out my head, and I'd just think of Leigh-Anne and the fact she had to do this with two,' she shared.

'Oh my goodness, she needs a medal! One baby is massively intense enough, never mind two. I don't get how she did it.'

'We went through this together, which was incredible,' she added. Oh, guys!

What's the official advice on tandem feeding?

NHS guidance states that while some mothers can feed two babies at the same time, others prefer to feed one after the other - and others feed on demand (i.e. when either of the babies are hungry).

According to the NHS website: 'If one baby is smaller and needs to feed more often, you will not be able to feed them at the same time at first.'

'If you want, you can work towards bringing their feeding routines together as your babies grow.'

The NHS reiterates the important point that twins - just like individual babies - can be well nourished if they are fed formula instead of breast milk, or a combination of the two. For more advice on feeding twins - and individual support - you can check out the Twins Trust.

In sum? Big up to Leigh-Anne for normalising breastfeeding, and also normalising finding breastfeeding challenging.

And here's to all to all the mums - plus parents of all genders - feeding their babies whichever way works for them and their bodies.

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