Leigh-Anne Pinnock on Black love: "Me and Andre have a mutual understanding"

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Photo credit: Mike Marsland
Photo credit: Mike Marsland

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Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock has appeared on a new podcast with her fiancé Andre Gray where the couple speaks openly about their engagement, how Andre proposed during lockdown, and how their shared experiences are a key foundation of their healthy relationship.

As part of Bumble's #MyLoveIsBlackLove campaign, My Love Is... podcast host Irene TTYA asked Leigh-Anne and Andre why Black love - and representation for Black couples - is so important to them.

"To share a culture together, and to celebrate our culture together I think is really special," Leigh-Anne told Irene.

Photo credit: Mike Marsland
Photo credit: Mike Marsland

"I love that me and Andre have a mutual understanding. I’ve experienced things being 'the Black girl' in a group and I felt comfort in the fact that Andre just understood everything, and just the common ground we have together. I don’t think I could have done it any other way."

Andre agreed and added, "You can have that conversation with each other and with someone who will get it and understand it. So when we’re in the situation that we have been for so many years at least, you can come home to someone and actually have a conversation where they really completely understand the way you feel.

"For instance, someone with mental health and someone that hasn’t to try and speak to someone and explain to them, they’ll never understand it until they actually feel it. So to have that is strong."

Leigh-Anne also spoke about how important it is - especially for the younger generation - to see more representation of Black love. "I definitely don’t think there’s enough," she explained.

"There is so much positivity that comes from Black love and actually seeing it on our screens and in the media - and there’s so much work to do with that. It’s definitely not celebrated enough. There’s just something so powerful about a Black couple."

In June, Leigh-Anne posted a video to IGTV sharing some of her experiences with racism and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Speaking about how systemic racism and unconscious bias has impacted her career, she said, "You learn to understand you can’t be seen to be too loud or too opinionated otherwise you’re deemed a diva or aggressive. You learn that by walking into a room you are deemed unapproachable or offish before anyone has even approached you. You learn that by voicing your opinion about the lack of diversity within the industry is like smashing your head against a brick wall."

She added, "My reality is all the times I felt invisible within my group. Part of me is fully aware that my experience would have been even harder to deal with had I been dark-skinned. Our reality is no matter how far you think you’ve come, racism exists."

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