Legally Blonde made me love pink, Rebel Wilson reveals

Rebel Wilson looking pretty in pink credit:Bang Showbiz
Rebel Wilson looking pretty in pink credit:Bang Showbiz

Rebel Wilson got her love of pink from watching Reese Witherspoon's iconic film 'Legally Blonde'.

The 42-year-old actress has watched the 2001 comedy - in which Reese plays ditzy blonde Elle Woods who studies at Harvard Law School - multiple times and her own "Barbiecore" style is inspired by the multiple hue outfits favoured by Elle.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Rebel said: "The Barbiecore thing I have going on... I've [just] always loved pink. Reese Witherspoon wears those cute pink outfits."

Rebel also revealed that her girlfriend Ramona Agruma has been giving her lots of fashion tips and that is helping her develop her own style.

She said: "My girlfriend is so much better at it [fashion] than me, because just in my everyday life, she's like, 'Oh, maybe don't wear that.'

"Hopefully, my fashion sense is growing."

The 'Pitch Perfect' star also relies on celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart to create her red carpet looks, and has grown to implicitly trust her advice when it comes to stepping out in front of the cameras where she knows she is "being judged" on her clothes, hair and make-up.

Rebel shared: "Elizabeth has such a good eye and she knows what'll work well for my figure at whatever size I am. Then we try on a few things, do a few tweaks and then we are ready to go.

"I'm not somebody that judges somebody superficially on how they look, but it's weird on a red carpet, because you are being judged. Because I've never really traded on looks or anything, more on my skills as an actress and writer and producer."