Do leg day at home with this equipment-free workout

Do leg day at home with this equipment-free workout

If you think you need weights for a good lower-body burn, let the dumbbells off the hook. This home leg workout will leave you sore tomorrow—and it doesn't require any equipment.

By incorporating a variety of bodyweight exercises—including jumps, isometric holds, and single-leg moves—you can create a leg workout at home that challenges every muscle from your glutes to your calves. The best part of all, though: Whether you want to get stronger, develop power, or build muscle, this sweat session is easy to customise to match your fitness goals.

Want more cardio? Focus on the squat and lunge variations below that involve jumping. Amped to build strength? Perform each move slower, like you're moving through water. Focused on feeling powerful? Do a jumping move right after an isometric hold (like squat jumps after a static squat).

Whatever you want your home leg day to look like, you're about to prove to yourself that bodyweight exercises can leave your lower body feeling it.

Of course, though, if you have looped resistance bands or weights at home, you always can use them to up the challenge of any of these movements even further. Heck, you can even grab household items like filled reusable water bottles or a backpack filled with books to level up your sweat.

Whether you opt for added resistance or not, the key to a great leg day workout at home is to work your muscles to fatigue. For some of the exercises below, you'll be tired after just eight reps, while for others you may be able to churn out 12 before burning out. Even without weights, you can absolutely build those leg muscles; you just have to give these moves your all!.

Time: 20–30 minutes

Equipment: workout mat (optional)

Good for: lower body (glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves)

Instructions: Select six exercises. Perform the indicated number of reps for each, then rest for 15 seconds and continue on to the next. After you've completed all six movements, rest for 60 seconds. Then, repeat the entire circuit two or three more times for a total of three to five rounds.

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