I bought a light therapy mask loved by celebs - and my skin's never looked better

My LED light therapy mask is the best thing I've ever done for my skin. (Getty Images)
My LED light therapy mask is the best thing I've ever done for my skin. (Getty Images)

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I can’t say I have much in common with Kourtney Kardashian or Victoria Beckham, but what the three of us do share is a love for a light therapy face mask.

Both stars have previously spoken out about their love of the LED treatment for acne scarring, anti-ageing and generally healthy skin in the past.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Victoria told her followers that she has been trying different face masks throughout September (2019) and had been recommended one by a beauty expert.

Meanwhile, the eldest Kardashian sister shared a selfie on Instagram of her using the DMH Aesthetics Led Light Shield Mask.

The DMH site explains: “Kourt loves the red and blue light the most. Since she’s added this ritual to her self-care routine, it’s been life-changing for her skin.”

LED light therapy masks have been raved about for a while now but they don’t come cheap and so I was hesitant to buy one for myself.

Finally, when lockdown began, I decided that I would treat myself using all the money I was saving on not commuting to work each day and take the plunge on my own.

Reader, I’ve never looked back.

I use it for fifteen minutes in the morning and the long wire means I can move around the kitchen making coffee or unstacking the dishwasher as I wear it.

It doesn’t feel claustrophobic or sweaty at all. In fact, it doesn’t feel like anything more than putting on a mask at Halloween - except a Dracula mask doesn’t leave you with the glowing skin of your teenage years.

Within two weeks I noticed the changes. Scarring from spots I’d picked around my jaw became much less visible, frown lines between my eyebrows faded dramatically and I felt a general tightness around my jawline.

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Now, you might be asking what an LED light therapy mask is, and I must admit I didn’t know much about it beforehand either.

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) masks use non-invasive light therapy that is suitable for all skin types - you used to have to shell out hundreds for one session at a beauty salon or thousands for a course, but thanks to modern technology, you can now buy a more affordable version for home use.

The mask is made up of three Near-Infrared lights, which help to support the ageing process to combat wrinkles, hydration and firmness.

Yellow or white light is anti-inflammatory and helps to firm the skin. Red light stimulates collagen to encourage healing and blue light kills bacteria on the skin, plus, is great for those who suffer from acne.

There are also lots of other colours - like blue and green - that each have their own benefits for your skin.

I don’t mind admitting that I’m addicted - not to mention it makes for a real attention-grabbing selfie for your Instagram selfies. Win, win!