Learn how to do a crochet magic ring

Anyone can do magic ring crochet, it’s surprisingly easy. Super quick, it’s a revelation for beginners and more advanced crocheters alike. Read on for a magic ring step-by-step, including our handy tutorial video – and to find out why it’s magic!

Magic ring crochet can be worked in any thickness of yarn as long as you’ve matched it up to the right sized crochet hook. Good crochet patterns will always talk you through it too.

What is magic ring crochet used for?

A magic ring has a very specific application – it’s how you start crochet when you want to work in the round, without a gap in the middle. For crochet projects worked in the round where a gap is appropriate, such as with granny squares, a ring of chain stitches is your alternative starting point for a crochet-in-the-round or tubular creation.

For that reason, you’ll often find a magic ring being used in crochet patterns for toys, or amigurumi projects as some of the smaller, cuter styles are known.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘magic loop’, don’t feel daunted by this technique – crafters who have just learned to crochet can handle a magic ring, so give it a try!

How to do magic ring crochet step-by-step for beginners

Leaving a tail of yarn at the front of your palm for darning in later, wrap a loop of yarn over your index and middle fingers of your left hand, moving upwards and away from you.

magic ring crochet
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Now, bring the yarn towards you under your middle finger to your palm, and repeat so that you have two loops of yarn in a loop around your fingers.

Take your crochet hook in your right hand, and put it through the centre of both loops, wrap a loop of yarn around the tip and bring the loop on the hook through to the front.

magic ring crochet
Sarka Novakova - Hearst Owned

Now, carefully let the loops slide off your fingers of your left hand.

Being careful to always go under both strands of yarn and into the centre of the loop, use your working end of the yarn to make your stitches for your first row of your pattern into the ring.

magic ring crochet
Sarka Novakova - Hearst Owned

Stopping before the final slip stitch (ss) to join the round of stitches.

magic ring crochet
Sarka Novakova - Hearst Owned

Why is it called a magic ring?

Well the final step is the magic part! Having done your first row of stitches into the centre of the ring, the most satisfying moment is yet to come. Now’s the time to pull the yarn end that you left at the beginning, and watch as the centre loop closes up completely and comes together.

magic ring crochet
Sarka Novakova - Hearst Owned

Once you’ve closed your magic ring, this is a point of no return – as it can be hard to get it open again if you find you missed a stitch somewhere earlier. It’s often easier if that’s happened, just to undo the whole lot and start again. Magic rings are extremely secure, which is why they’re perfect for 3-dimensional crochet projects where you wouldn’t want stuffing poking through.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you’re an expert, try one of our free amigurumi patterns to give your new skill a test run and impress your friends!

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